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New Anti-Crisis Instruments For Market Economy

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Author Alexander A. Antonov
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 738-744
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 8
Issue Date October 01, 2012
Publishing Date October 01, 2012
Keywords Economic crisis, economic reform, crisis-proof economy, the “goods-money-goods” process, human factor


It is shown that processes prevailing in existing market economy because of the influence on it of the human factor are described by systems of the parametrical differential equations, which have solutions in the form of random functions of time. This is why, such economy is essentially unpredictable and economic crises are inevitable. For creation of anti-recessionary protection of existing economy it is necessary to use new economic tools which will allow minimizing the influence of the human factor. Such new economic tools are suggested. In order to minimize the negative influence of the internal human factor on economy it is recommended to use the so-called business interfaces. To minimize the negative influence on it of the external human factor we suggest the use of business-oriented services of new global information network PC•net, which is free from all shortcomings of the Internet. The economy reformed as suggested above will have the adequate mathematical description in the form of systems of mainly linear differential equations which will allow regulating it successfully. Economics will become an exact science. Eventually, precise computer-aided design and simulation of complex economic systems will become possible. The global economy itself will become crisis-proof.

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