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Man Power Training Model with Bulk Arrival, Bulk Service and Trainer Vacation

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Author Ms.Fernandes Jayashree Felix, M. Jeeva
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 725-732
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 8
Issue Date October 01, 2012
Publishing Date October 01, 2012
Keywords Batch Arrival, Batch Service, General Service Times, Trainer Vacations, Probability Generating Function, Laplace Transforms, Idle State, Steady State.


The paper deals with a single trainer who offers training programme and takes optional vacation after a training programme of batch size M is completed. Trainees who undergo training arrive in batches according to a compound Poisson process with batch arrival rate ?. Training is offered to batches of fixed size M (M 1) and the service times of successive batches follows a general distribution with density function A(x). The Laplace transforms of the probability generating function of different states of the system are obtained using supplementary variable technique. The corresponding steady state results have been derived. A particular case is discussed explicitly.

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