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Study of The Presence of Chicken Anemia Virus in Liver Homogenate Used as a Vaccine Against Hydro Pericardium Syndrome in Broile

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Author Shahid Khan, Faiz Ul Hassan, S.Rahimullah Shah, Farhan Anwar, Swat Kalim Ullah, Insan Uddin
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 750-753
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 8
Issue Date October 01, 2012
Publishing Date October 01, 2012
Keywords Broiler chicken, Chicken Anemia virus, hydro-pericardium syndrome.


A research study was conducted in Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation center (VR&DIC) Swat to study the presence of Chicken Anemia Virus (CAV) in liver homogenates of birds infected with Hydro pericardium Syndrome (HPS). Sixty-four 64 birds of 15-days age and free from CAV were selected and divided into five groups. One group was vaccinated with inactivated liver homogenate vaccine prepared in our laboratory from the liver of HPS infected birds. Two groups were vaccinated with similar autogenous vaccine procured from two commercial laboratories. One group was vaccinated with cell cultured DNA based vaccine while one group was kept as a control. Multiple shots of each vaccine were used in its specific group along with boosting doses. The hyper immune sera thus raised were tested for the presence of HPS and CAV antibodies using Agar Gel Precipitation Test (AGPT) and Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbant Assay (ELISA) techniques. The results demonstrated that antibodies against HPS were present in hyper immune sera of all the vaccinated birds. No antibodies against CAV were detected in the tested sera. It was concluded that CAV is not associated as a contributing agent in causing hydro pericardium syndrome in broilers.

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