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Portuguese Higher Education and the New System of Evaluation and Accreditation

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Author Maria da Conceição da Costa Marques
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 822-831
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date November 01, 2012
Publishing Date November 01, 2012
Keywords Accreditation, assessment, tertiary education


The creation of quality assurance system internationally accepted is one of the aims of the recent approval of the legal regime of the assessment of Tertiary education. With this regime the government aims to create quality assessment parameters, that include taught education, the qualification of teaching staff, the strategy adopted to assure the quality of education, the scientific, technological and artistic activity, in conformance with the mission of the institution and the international co-operation. The approval of these measures aims to achieve an improvement in the quality of institutions of tertiary education. Provide correct information on the performance of the institutions, to the society as well as the development of an internal institutional culture of quality guarantee. This assessment is compulsory and is done within the Framework of the guaranteed European quality in the tertiary education.The assessment agents are self-assessment, which is done by each education establishment and the external assessment is the basis for the accreditation processes, which is carried out by the assessment and accreditation agency for the guarantee of quality in tertiary education. The Agency for the Assessment and Accreditation of Tertiary Education was legally instituted in November 2007.The accreditation of tertiary education institutions, and its cycles of study, are compulsory and can be done on the initiative of the Agency or requested by the tertiary education institutions, which show an interest. In this paper the aim is to show and explain the recent challenges facing the tertiary education establishments, focusing especially the implementation stage of these governmental measures.

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