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Signal Processing Method to Investigate Damage Detection in Natural Fibber Composites: A Proposal

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Author M. Zaleha, S. Mahzan, I.M. Izwana
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 788-794
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date November 01, 2012
Publishing Date November 01, 2012
Keywords Damage detection, Natural fibber, Signal processing


In recent years, natural fiber reinforced composites have received much attention as replacement for man-made fibbers in composite materials. This is because natural fibbers offer many benefits such as high strength, light weight, water resistance, electric resistance and the most important is more environmental friendly materials. A lot of research work has been performed all over the world on the use of natural fibbers as a reinforcing material for the preparation of various types of composites. However, there were none investigation made on damage detection in natural fibber composite (NFC). Therefore, this paper proposes the methodology to investigate damage detection in NFC based on signal processing method. The sugar palm fibber which is also known as Ijuk by the local reinforced epoxy have been chosen as the NFC.

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