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Preferred Species of Goats in Semi-arid Zone at North Darfur State Umkaddada Locality

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Author Abdelrhman Ismail Adam, Babo F. M, Ismail Mohamed Fangama
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 774-781
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date November 01, 2012
Publishing Date November 01, 2012
Keywords arid-zone, drought, internal displacement, preferred, relative preference index.


Umkaddada locality is located within 12th and 15th degree of latitude N and the 25th and 28th of longitude E, among the semi arid zone, it covering an area of some 40,000 km2. The most preferred plants in open rangeland are Echinocloa colonum, Ipomoea vagan, Trainthema portulacastrum and Alycicarpus respectively. The frequency of these species is 25.6%, 18%, 16. 4% and 30% respectively. Umkaddada locality which located within 12th and 15th degree of latitude N and the 25th and 28th of longitude E, like all other areas of Darfur it influenced by war and tribal conflicts which led to migrate of many people, some of them being internal displacement people (IDPS) and other fled to neighbor countries. Droughts and shortage of rainfall hits the area continuously since 1970,the miss land use include intensive cutting of trees, over grazing and expansion of farming areas was practiced as a result of crowded of peoples around a certain towns and cities. This situation made some changes on vegetation cover and range plants, there for animal changes their diet behavior and adapted to the new situation, goats are the most animal type over all umkaddada areas because it is raiser of poorer people. The study is aiming to investigate and identifying the new preferred composition by goat, also frequency and density of the preferred range plants can be studied.
a. To identify the preferred composition of diet by goats in the area
b. To assess the range condition in the area
c. To identify the decreasers and increaser plant species in rangeland

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