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A General Model for Developing, Validating and Evaluating Nature of Science and Other Science Curricula and Instructional Materials

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Author Jamed Carifio, Rocco J. Perla
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 832-855
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 9
Issue Date November 01, 2012
Publishing Date November 01, 2012
Keywords Science Curricula Development, Science Curricula Validation, Nature of Science, Nature of Scientific Change, Nonlinear Dynamics, Teaching Nature of Scientific Change.


Nature of science research continues to generate a high level of interest among educators and scholars. Despite the fact that the nature of science is a continually evolving and highly complex instructional endeavour, there are no comprehensive instructional models available for researchers that can systematically capture and organize this theoretical ‘universe’ of content and then translate this content into educationally sound and validated classroom materials, activities and representations. In addressing these issues, this article further elaborates a general model of instructional materials development initially formulated by Carifio (1974, 1976 & 1977) which has recently been used by others to develop curricula and instructional materials in non-science areas, and applies the model to nature of science studies in particular and science curricula in general. The implications of this model are discussed.

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