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Curvature vs. Charge of Seleniom CMV-based IPMC Possessing the Discretely Changeable Material Characteristics

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Author Kota Ikeda, Minoru Sasaki, Hirohisa Tamagawa
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 613-623
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 10
Issue Date November 01, 2014
Publishing Date November 01, 2014
Keywords IPMC, bending, circuit model, viscoelastic model, charge, curvature


Theoretical prediction of bending behavior of IPMC is an important task for the purpose of achieving a practical IPMC actuator. It has gradually become apparent that the bending of IPMC is dominated by the charge imposed on it. However, our latest study revealed that the dependency of the Selenium CMV-based IPMC bending behavior on the charge was unexpectedly a bit complex. The relationship of curvature of the Selenium CMV-based IPMC vs. the total charge imposed on it formed a certain trajectory with time. It was observed that the trajectory formed a clockwise rotational curve, when the Selenium CMV-based IPMC underwent the rectangular pulsated voltage at the environmental absolute humidity less than 10 gm-3. On the other hand, when the environmental absolute humidity was greater than 10 gm-3, the rotational trajectory was counterclockwise with respect to time. Such unusually a bit complex behavior of curvature vs. charge of Selenium CMV-based IPMC was theoretically analyzed by the use of a circuit model which the authors had previously proposed under the assumption that the material characteristics of Selenium CMV-based IPMC were discretely changeable. The circuit model well explained such unusual and complex behavior. Another physics-based analysis, employing viscoelastic model also successfully explained the clockwise and counterclockwise trajectory formation. It was concluded that such a complex bending behavior was due to the mutually distinctive influences of individual charges induced within the IPMC on the bending induction and due to the change of material characteristics of Selenium CMV-based IPMC.

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