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Physical and Engineering Properties of Indigenous Parchment Coffee

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Author Adeleke, S. A., Atere, A. O., Olukunle, O. J.
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 56-61
Volume No. 7
Issue No. 2
Issue Date November 01, 2017
Publishing Date November 01, 2017
Keywords Parchment coffee, Physical properties, Engineering materials, Processing Equipment


Proper understanding and application of physical and engineering properties of coffee seed are necessary for the design of equipment for processing, handling, drying and storage, which will lead to improved and easier operations. Some of these properties of indigenous Robusta parchment coffee at a moisture content of 10.7% w.b. which is within the range of not more than 11% w.b. recommended for safe storage were studied. The seeds were found to be uniformly distributed with average length, width and thickness of 10.15 mm, 7.46 mm and 5.46 mm, respectively. Average values obtained for geometric mean diameter, sphericity, coefficient of static friction and dynamic angle of repose respectively were 7.32 mm, 0.72 and 22.7o. Highest average value of coefficient of friction of 0.47 was obtained for plywood while fiberglass had the least value of 0.27 among other engineering materials tested. Average bulk and true densities were 575.2Kg/m3and 737.9Kg/m3 while individual seed weight and 1000-seed weight were 0.17g and 167g respectively.

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