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Effects of Replacing Wheat Bran with Dried Ground Citrus Peel in Urea Molasses Block for Feeding Lactating Dairy Cows

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Author Tahira Shaheen, Altaf-ur-Rehman, Nadar khan, Faiz ul Hassan, Aisha Bashir, Ihsan Uddin
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 30-38
Volume No. 7
Issue No. 2
Issue Date November 01, 2017
Publishing Date November 01, 2017
Keywords Citrus, Molasses block, Wheat bran, Cows


For the research trial a total of twelve lactating dairy Holstein Friesian cows were randomly selected and divided into 4 groups as; T-0, T-25, T-50 and T-100 supplemented with UMB having 0%, 25%, 50% and 100% substitution of wheat bran with citrus peel, respectively. Daily total mix ration (TMR), UMB and total feed intake on fresh basis was not significantly (p>0.05) effected. However, numerically maximum daily TMR intake was observed in T-100 followed by T-50 and T-25. Maximum daily total feed intake was recorded for group T-100. On dry matter (DM) basis TMR, UMB and total DM intake was also not significantly (p>0.05) effected. Maximum value for TMR and total feed intake was observed in T-100 while UMB intake on DM basis was observed high in group T-50 and lower in group T-100. The milk yield was not significantly (p>0.05) effected. But maximum increase in total milk yield was observed in group T-50 and T-100. No significant effect was found on milk components in all the treated groups. Mean UMB cost per cow was significantly higher in T-0 while lowest UMB cost was recorded in group T-100. Gross return and income over UMB cost was not statistically different. Group T-100 had high income over UMB cost among all the groups followed by T-50. From the outcome of present study, it is concluded on economical basis that citrus peel can replace 100% of wheat bran in urea molasses block for feeding to lactating dairy cows.

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