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20 Story Steel Buildings Equipped with Viscous Fluid Dampers Optimized in Placement Considering P-Delta Dynamic Analysis and Soil-Structure Interaction

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Author Pham Nhan Hoa, Chu Quoc Thang, Hoang Cong Duy
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 9-29
Volume No. 7
Issue No. 2
Issue Date November 01, 2017
Publishing Date November 01, 2017
Keywords Dynamics of Structures, Structural Control, P-Delta analysis, Viscous Fluid Dampers, Soil-structure Interaction, Simplified Sequential Search Algorithm


The paper presents an approach to determine dynamic response of a twenty-story steel building which is retrofitted with viscous fluid dampers (VFD) of the superstructure and employs two kinds of pile-foundations. This dynamic analysis is related to all P-delta effect, soil-structure interaction (SSI), and the simplified sequential search algorithm (SSSA). The numerical example illustrates differences of linear versus P-delta, Non-SSI versus SSI, Non-VFD controlled versus VFD controlled, and No-SSSA versus SSSA analysis for the building subject to seismic loading. These differences shown in the conclusion help structural designers for earthquake resistance.

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