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Centralized or Decentralized Best Project Option (BPO) for Melana River Basin, Malaysia

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Author Md. Din M.F, Mohanadoss P, Sairan F.M, Shukor S. N, Ujang Z, Yusop Z, Anuar A.N, Starki M, Chelliapan S.
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 897-903
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date December 01, 2012
Publishing Date December 01, 2012
Keywords Melana river, Water management, Centralized system, Water Quality Index (WQI)


This study focuses on four options as a mandatory improvement of existing sewage treatment plants (STPs) in Melana River basin, Malaysia. In general, the wastewater usually managed through a centralized system in the STP. A network of sewer pipes carries the wastewater from houses and commercial facilities to a central municipal treatment plant where the combined flows are treated. The treatment systems that commonly being used are Individual Septic Tank (IST) and Imhoff Tank (IT). The analysis of steady state mass balance carried out showed that the existing STPs could achieve poor in-standard effluent discharge limit, if no immediate action is taken. Therefore, four options have been proposed in order to comply with the Water Quality Index (WQI). The options are; establishment of new treatment plant, improvement of oxidation pond, implementation of separate system and new centralized wastewater treatment.

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