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A Comparative Study of Approaches Available to Support the Impact Study of Satellite Supported One Way Educational System

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Author Ajay Kumar Gupta
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 892-896
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date December 01, 2012
Publishing Date December 01, 2012
Keywords Receive Only Terminals (ROTs), Impact Study, Educational Satellite (EduSat).


Education is a universally recognized key tool for the prosperity and overall socio-economic development of the country.Quality Elementary education is undoubtedly the quintessential passport to new opportunities and greater avenues as social, economic or higher education.The policy makers of the country are aware the potential benefits of applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education and therefore an Educational Satellite (EduSat) was launched by ISRO, which was world’s first Indian satellite built exclusively to meet educational objectives only.The aim of this initiative was to provide equal opportunities of quality education and its associated services at every corner of the country.For optimum utilization of the EduSat, numerous educational projects at elementary, higher, technical level were started.The Rajiv Gandhi Project for Edusat Supported Elementary Education (RGPEEE) was one among them, its detailed configuration and functioning is given in Desai et al [4].Manoj et al [6], Sampat et al [7] Bhandigadi [3] have conducted various studies to find out the impact of the project over the target group of people.These studies were based on the data collected using the questionnaires and feedbacks from the identified remote ends of the network.This paper presents a study about the various methodologies available to support the impact studies of the Satellite Enabled Educational Receive Only Terminals (ROTs) along with their pros and cons.We also suggest the integration of technology enabled authentic audience measurement system as a recent approach for the purpose of impact study of Satellite Enable Educational Receive Only Terminals (ROTs).

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