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Geochemistry and Appraisal of the Economic Potential of Calc Gneiss and Marble from Igarra, Edo State, Southwest, Nigeria

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Author Obasi R.A
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1018-1021
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 10
Issue Date December 01, 2012
Publishing Date December 01, 2012
Keywords Geochemical appraisal, potential application, raw materials


Igarra has notable large deposit of calc-gneiss and marble that has generated a polyglot of mining activities in the Akoko area of Edo State, Southwest Nigeria. Geochemical and physical analysis has been used to appraise the economic potentials and areas of application of these carbonate rocks. Forty five (45) samples were subjected to geochemical and physical analyses. Geochemical data indicate characteristically low values of SiO2 (1.8 4.83wt %), Al2O3 (0.16 0.67wt %) and MgO (1.10 -5.33wt %) and relatively medium to high CaO (46.51 53.06wt %) and loss on ignition (LOI) (40.59 -44.26wt %) in the Igarra marble. This results in markedly low dolomite MgCO3 (2.30-11.14wt %) and corresponding relatively high calcite (85 45 94.68wt %). Physical tests show that the marble has high compressive and tensile strength which are expressions of their hardness and durability potentials when used in monuments, sculpturing or fittings. The marble and calc- gneiss are raw materials for a number of products such as paper and animal feed production, toothpaste, drugs, flooring tiles, and ceramic wares. However, the marble from Igarra is has low values of CaO (53.06wt %) and SiO2 and high contents of LOI (>43wt %) .These characteristics do not permit the use of the marble for paint making or cement production unless blended to meet up with the world best standards.

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