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Assessment of Macro-invertebrates and Physico-chemical Parameters of the Lower Qua Iboe River, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria

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Author Okorafor K.A., James E. S, Udoh A. D.
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 666-677
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 11
Issue Date December 01, 2014
Publishing Date December 01, 2014
Keywords Macro-invertebrates, Assessment, physico-chemical parameters, Qua Iboe River, Nigeria


Macro-invertebrates composition and physic-chemical properties of lower Qua lboe River, Etinan Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State, Nigeria were investigated from July to October of 2013. Invertebrate samples were collected from four different locations using Van Veen Grab methods. Four phyla of macro-invertebrates were encountered in the river. They were Arthropoda represented by ten genera: Macromia, Croco the misErythrae (Odonata), Similum, Tabamis (Diptera), Cybister, Hydrosphilus(Coleoptera), Stenonema, Atractomorph Acitipemis (Ephemenoptera),Crusteacean represented by two genera, UcaTangeri and Peneanusnotialis (Macro brachium Vollenvenii): Annelida represented by two genera, TubifexTubifex (Oligochaeta), capitela, glyera, (Polychaeta) and Mollusca represented by four genera of gastropods with one identified species namely PachymelamiaFusca, Pyenogonid species, Pila Ovate, NeritinaRubricata.Annelids have the highest percentage composition (30.0%) by number follow by Crustacean (29.0%), then Arthropoda (23.0%) while Gastropoda was the least (18.0%) by number. Variations in distribution of these organisms could be as a result of differences in local environmental conditions. Parameters for in-situ water quality study along the four sampling locations were Water Velocity, pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity and Turbidity. The mean values and standard deviation of surface water parameters were taken as follows: Velocity 0.240.09(m/s), Temperature 0.240.09(0C), pH 7.300.07, DO 3.560.07(mg/l), Turbidity 12.830.61(FTU), Conductivity 11.540.20(s/m), Nitrites 0.050.03(mg/l), Nitrates 0.0310.01(mg/l), Ammonium 0.200.01(mg/l), Phosphate 12.340.05(mg/l), Total Hardness 12.000.00(mg/l), Salinity 820.53(mg/l), TDS 5.780.09(mg/l), TSS 724.6056.79(mg/l), BOD 0.950.14(mg/l), COD 0.090.05(mg/l). The results showed that Lower Qua Iboe River is moderately polluted. All the macro-benthic invertebrates represented were pollution-tolerant and clean water species.

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