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Beyond Gravitoelectromagnetism: Critical Speed in Gravitational Motion

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Author Adrian Sfarti
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1043-1045
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 11
Issue Date December 01, 2013
Publishing Date December 01, 2013
Keywords General relativity, Schwarzschild metric, Euler-Lagrange formalism


In the present review we will present a rebuttal of a recent paper by Mashhoon published in ”, IJMP D, 14,12,(2005) pp. 2025-2037. We will rebut the idea put forward by the author that there is such a thing as a “critical speed” during the fall of a test particle where the “the gravitational attraction turns to repulsion”. The conclusion drawn by Mashhoon is unphysical, there is no such thing as a gravitational repulsion. The root of the error can be found in the author basing his derivation on coordinate acceleration. The correct analysis should have used proper acceleration. We demonstrate that, contrary to the author’s claims, there is no such thing as gravitational “repulsion”.

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