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Implication of Poor Energy Supply on the Sustainability of ICT Infrastructure in Nigeria

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Author Ngene C. U., Aviara N. A.
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 305-317
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 5
Issue Date June 01, 2014
Publishing Date June 01, 2014
Keywords Information and communication technology, Data Centres, Internet exchanges, power supply


Information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures and infrastructure devices require uninterruptible power supply to ensure their availability and usability. Even handheld mobile devices require electricity to get their batteries up and running. This implies that irregular power supply or absence of electricity will render most, if not all these infrastructures and devices inoperable. In this paper we have taken a comprehensive look at the states of both power and ICT infrastructures in the Nigeria and how blackout has increased the cost of operation of providers leading to high Internet access costs. Of particular interest are the power needs of ICT infrastructures, infrastructure devices and end-user devices. Although ICT infrastructure may not be the most energy demanding sector of the economy, it has been shown in this paper that their energy requirement is also significant if account is taken into the power requirement of data centres and all communication devices that are found in our homes and offices today. The power requirement of a typical data centre was examined and it was noted that if such data centre is established in all the six geo-political zones of the country their power demand will be significant in the light of low grid power of less than 5000MW. To remedy these problems some suggestions were provided and include: privatisation of the electricity subsector to its logical conclusion and the Government encourage operators to roll out coverage of advanced wireless technologies beyond urban areas through tax incentives, license conditions and initiatives to promote infrastructure-sharing.

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