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Re-defining the Concepts of Generational Labelling: Perspective from Malaysia

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Author Jean Dennis Comeau, Lai Cheng Tung
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 259-276
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April 01, 2013
Publishing Date April 01, 2013
Keywords Generational studies, generation labellings, baby boomer, Generation X, Generation Y, Generational Z


Generational theory states that people born at a similar time frame in history would experience similar political, social and economic realities thus will develop similar worldviews. The theory looks for significant historical events and identifies the impact these have on existing social order and value systems. Sometimes these events result in the dawning of a new era, and therefore of new generational cohorts (Cardington, 2011). Presently, there are four generations that are globally defined as identifiable generational cohort groups, namely Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generational Z. On a macroscopic view, individuals in different generations are diverse, they nevertheless share certain thoughts, values and behaviours because of the shared birth years and events; though considering Asia (especially in Malaysia context) the identifiable generations as commonly known may be misguided as life events varies across each country, Baby Boomers from the western nations has been referred to the booming of baby births during that period (O’Bannon, 2001), whereas in Malaysia for that time period it is impossible to observe a similar boom. This conceptual study attempts to re-define the generational labelling concepts by examining census data and socio-economic realities in order to re-define these concepts in light of the demographic reality in Malaysia. The authors of the study have formulated new labels and definitions that arise from facts that demonstrate that Malaysia has unique socio-economic challenges and opportunities.

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