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University Studentsí Attitudes Concerning OTC Drug Use; Survey from Istanbul

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Author Ahmet Akici , Nesrin Filiz Basaran
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 309-315
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April 01, 2013
Publishing Date April 01, 2013
Keywords University students, OTC, Self-medication, Prescribed medicine, Drug use habits


Objectives: Young population is thought to use fewer drugs however their drug use habit is important especially in countries like Turkey in which young generation constitutes main part of the population. Thus it becomes important to investigate their knowledge, perception and habits about drug use. Methods: A total 205 university students were included in the study. 120 of the students were from medically relevant schools and 85 were other faculty students. Survey includes questions about their socio-demographic properties, their knowledge and habits about drug use and previous experience with prescription medicine. Results: 66% of the studentsí consulted to the doctor for a health problem during the past 1 year and 71.7% of them used medicine for that reason. Half of the students used drugs without prescription, 31% of the studentsí recommended their medicine to their relatives. Female students drug usage without prescription was significantly higher than male students (p<0.05). Conclusion: The results showed that students have some inaccurate habits about medicine use which needs to be taken into consideration and training should be conducted to improve their knowledge and attitude. In this respect corresponding authorities like Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education can put into service some awareness-raising applications concerning OTC (over the counter) drugs.

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