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Influence of Microwave Heating and Thermal Auxiliaries on Synthesis of Lithium Triborate and Thermo luminescent Response

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Author Tolga Depci, Gulhan Ozbayoglu
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 155-166
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April 01, 2014
Publishing Date April 01, 2014
Keywords Lithium Triborate, Microwave Synthesis, Sucrose, Urea, Luminescence


Microwave treatment is used to decrease power inputs and synthesis duration for the production of lithium triborate (LiB3O5). Sucrose, urea and water as thermal auxiliaries were added to the starting materials. The effect of amount of thermal auxiliaries against the duration of heating and synthesis temperature of the target material LiB3O5 was investigated. The synthesis stages were followed by doping of Al2O3 into LiB3O5 to enhance its thermo luminescent (TL) properties. Identification and characterization of the obtained compounds were investigated by XRD, FTIR, DTA, SEM and particle size analyzer. The glow curves were obtained by using a TL reader. Characterization studies showed that the best crystallinity of LiB3O5 can be done with 40 % sucrose, 20 % urea and 0.1 ml water addition to initial mixture. The TL results indicate that the particle size and phase purity of host compound affect TL intensities of glow curves.

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