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Therapeutic Aphaeresis, Technical Overview

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Author Rolf Bambauer, Ralf Schiel, Boris Lehmann, Carolin Bambauer
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 399-421
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 5
Issue Date June 01, 2012
Publishing Date June 01, 2012
Keywords Therapeutic aphaeresis, LDL-aphaeresis, cascade filtration, lipid filtration, immuno-adsorption, heparin-induced LDL-precipitation (HELP), LDL adsorption with dextran sulphate (Liposorber), Lipoprotein (a) aphaeresis, LDL-hemoperfusion, liver support systems


Since the mid-1970s, a new process for plasma phrases became available which used membrane modules instead of centrifuge. Many patients suffering from severe diseases with a poor prognosis could be cured. The advantages of therapeutic aphaeresis with membrane modules are a complete separation of the corpuscular components from the plasma, an effective elimination of macromolecular substances and a less cell damage. The development of new membranes has allowed new techniques, and the adsorption technologies allow the most selective separation of plasma components. The technical aspects of the different methods, the interaction between extracorporeal surfaces and blood, and path physiological points are shown. Up to now the cascade filtration, lipid filtration, imunoadsorption, LDL-aphaeresis and the liver support system such as the Bio Logic-DTPP system, Molecular Adsorbent Recycling System and the Prometheus System have been of clinical relevance. The technical aspects and their clinical indication are discussed. In experienced hands, therapeutic has minimal side effects. New approaches are made in the last years, and some companies have developed machines which can be used as well as for intermitted dialysis and for therapeutic aphaeresis methods.

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