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Influence of Qualification on Development and Assessment of Computer Programmed Instructional Package on Energy Concept in Upper Basic Technology in Ekiti State

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Author Dr Abe, T.O, Adu E .I
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 611-618
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 6
Issue Date July 01, 2013
Publishing Date July 01, 2013
Keywords Qualification, Development, Assessment, CPIPEC, and Basic Technology


This study investigated the influence of qualification on development and assessment of computer programmed instructional package on energy concept (CPIPEC) in upper basic technology in Ekiti State. One research question was formulated with its corresponding hypothesis in which a descriptive research method of survey type that aimed at collecting data on and describing in a systematic manner, the characteristic features or facts about a given population was adopted. A population of one hundred and fifty two (152) upper basic technology teachers was purposively selected for this study, and an instrument labelled teachers feedback questionnaire (TFQ) was utilised in gathering data for this research. The instrument was validated and the internal consistency of the instrument was determined using alpha cronbrach method of estimating reliability coefficient and the result was 0.765. The data collected were analysed using ANOVA statistical method. The results revealed that there was no significant difference among the upper basic technology teachers qualifications in the development and assessment of CPIPEC at P<0.05. Based on the findings of this study, relevant recommendation was made that the Government should encourage upper basic technology teachers in the design development and utilization of CPIPEC.

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