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Hybrid Structural Control of the 20-Story Benchmark Structure

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Author Pham Nhan Hoa, Chu Quoc Thang
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 654-661
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 6
Issue Date July 01, 2013
Publishing Date July 01, 2013
Keywords Dynamics of Structures, Structural Control, Dampers, Hybrid Control, Viscous Fluid Dampers, Controlled Stiffness Devices


The paper presents the multi-story structures equipped with a hybrid control system in attempts to improve seismic resistance. A hybrid control system consists of semi-active controlled stiffness devices (CSD) and additional passive controlled fluid viscous dampers (VFD) to obtain higher capability control force produced by both of the dampers for an optimal structural response. Four active control algorithms (Riccati Optimal Active Control Algorithm, Instantaneous Control with Displacement and Velocity Feedback, Instantaneous Optimal Active Closed-Loop Control Algorithm, and Pole Placement Algorithm) are used to control the CSD of the structure. Focusing on a steel structure which is the benchmark 20-story building designed for the SAC project for the Los Angeles, California, the numerical example analyzes the dynamic response of the building controlled with the hybrid system and subjected to earthquake-induced motion. Also, the effectiveness of response reduction in the building equipped with combined devices are significantly better compared to the uncontrolled structure, the structure with only passive VFD, and with semi-active CSD. Finally, the in the conclusion we discuss some advantages of the hybrid control system for seismic resistance in Vietnam.

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