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An Effective Web Usage Analysis using Fuzzy Clustering

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Author P.Nithya, P.Sumathi
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 693-698
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 7
Issue Date August 01, 2013
Publishing Date August 01, 2013
Keywords Preprocessing, Data Cleaning, Path Completion, Travel Path set, Content Path Set


Nowadays, internet is a useful source of information in everyone’s daily activity. Hence, this made a huge development of World Wide Web in its quantity of interchange and its size and difficulty of websites. Web Usage Mining (WUM) is one of the main applications of data mining, artificial intelligence and so on to the web data and forecast the user’s visiting behaviors and obtains their interests by investigating the samples. Since WUM directly involves in large range of applications, such as, e-commerce, e-learning, Web analytics, information retrieval etc. Web log data is one of the major sources which contain all the information regarding the users visited links, browsing patterns, time spent on a particular page or link and this information can be used in several applications like adaptive web sites, modified services, customer summary, pre-fetching, generate attractive web sites etc. There are varieties of problems related with the existing web usage mining approaches. Existing web usage mining algorithms suffer from difficulty of practical applicability. So, a novel research is very much necessary for the accurate prediction of future performance of web users with rapid execution time. WUM consists of preprocessing, pattern discovery and pattern analysis. Log data is characteristically noisy and unclear, so preprocessing is an essential process for effective mining process. In this paper, a novel pre-processing technique is proposed by removing local and global noise and web robots. Fuzzy algorithm is a distinctive clustering algorithm available to cluster unlabeled data that produces both membership and typicality values during clustering process. Anonymous Microsoft Web Dataset and Anonymous Web Dataset are used for evaluating the proposed preprocessing technique.

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