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Chemical Composition of New Phenotype Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L) (Locally named Barbarei) Grains and Stover in South and West Darfur States, (Sudan)

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Author Abdoul Motalab M. khatir, Ali H. Bahar, Kamal I.Adam, Adam A. Mohamed, Siddig A. Mohamed Ali
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 683-686
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 7
Issue Date August 01, 2013
Publishing Date August 01, 2013
Keywords chemical composition, sorghum, new phenotype - Barbarei - grains, Sudan.


The study carried out in2005- 2006-2007 to study the chemical composition of Barbarei grains and Stover. The study area includes Tools, Toil, Um-Mush tour, Um-Grara, and Um-Dafoog from south Darfur State and Um-Dukhn, Furbarnga and Anjokoti from West Darfur State. Samples of grain and Stover were obtained from Tools (South Darfur State) and Um-Dukhn(West Darfur State) for grain and Stover chemical analysis, constituents measured were moisture content, fats, protein content, dry matter , fiber, ash and Nitrogen Free Extract (NFE), in addition to some minerals (N, P, Ca, Mg, K, Na).Barbarei grains were cleaned and freed from foreign materials then used for chemical analysis. Moisture, grain protein, fat, fiber in the samples were determined .Protein was determined by Micro-kajeldahl method, fat was determined using Sochlet Extractor and Petroleum Ether as solvent in addition to ash and fibers. Nitrogen free extract determined by subtraction: NFE = 100- (protein +fats +ash +fibers + moisture).Grain phosphorus was determined by spectrophotometer. Ca++ and Ma++ were determined by titration with Versenate, while the Flame Photometer determined K+ and Na+. Results showed that Barbarei grains moisture was generally low (general mean 5.82%).Results revealed that varieties from Tools area has high fats, protein, fibers and ash percentage compared with the same varieties from Um-Dukhn area, except protein content for Abu- ragaba variety (white) from Tools area (9.81%),whereas, for the variety from Um-Dukhn was (10.93%).For mineral composition results showed that Abu-ragaba from Tools has lower N content (0.77%) and Mg++ (0.18%) compared with the same variety from Um-Dukhn. It was observed that NFE was higher for Barbarei grains obtained from Tools (75.2%) compared with other sorghum grains. Barbarei grain protein content ranges from 12.39% to 9.81 %, while fiber ranges between 2.00-2.80% and 2.71-2.19% for fat content. Results showed that protein content was higher in the leaf (17.86%) when compared with stem (7.00%).The same trend was observed for fat and ash content , fiber content was( 35.907% and 32.807%) for leaf and stem respectively. NFE was higher in the stem (47.117%) than the leaf (30.243), but dry matter content were similar.

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