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Technical Analysis of Jatropha and Palm Kernel Biodiesel as the Sole Fuel Source for Powering Diesel Engines

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Author Sekyere C. K. K, F. Davis, Mensah L. D and Forson F. K
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 8-18
Volume No. 7
Issue No. 1
Issue Date February 01, 2017
Publishing Date February 01, 2017
Keywords brake power, jatropha oil biodiesel, palm kernel oil biodiesel, brake thermal efficiency, cold start, diesel engine.


This paper presents the technical assessment of Jatropha and palm kernel biodiesels as substitutes for fossil diesel in diesel engines. The pure biodiesels of Jatropha and palm kernel and varied blends of the biodiesels and fossil diesel in different proportions by volume were run on a single cylinder two stroke diesel engine test rig located at the Thermodynamics laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering laboratory, KNUST. Performance indicators measured include brake power, brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), and brake mean effective pressure. Results for fossil diesel were used as baseline values for comparative analysis. Results showed that the average BTE values for Jatropha B100 and palm kernel B100 were respectively, 26.1% and 28.38%, and were found to be 24.75% and 30.60% higher than the BTE value for fossil diesel, respectively, indicating that a diesel engine that runs on the B100s will give relatively higher overall thermal efficiencies. However, the most significant conclusion from the study is that blends of 20% by volume of biodiesel and lower values can be used in diesel engines with no, or minor modifications in the engine settings.

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