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Implementing Fuzzy-Logic to Solve the Unit-Commitment Problemof a Ten-Unit Thermal Generation Plant

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Author Assad Abu-Jasser, Mohammed M. Hijjo
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1081-1090
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 11
Issue Date January 01, 2013
Publishing Date January 01, 2013
Keywords Fuzzy-logic, unit-commitment, load curve, and dynamic programming


This paper presents an implementation of fuzzy-logic to solve the unit-commitment problem of thermal generation plant with the main objective of obtaining a feasible unit combination for each loading condition while subjected to a variety of constraints. The model in this study contains ten-generation units and the daily load demand is subdivided into 24 intervals. The unit combinations and the corresponding generation scheduling intend to minimize the operating cost. The implementation of fuzzy-logic allows a qualitative description of the behavior of the system: the system's characteristics and the response without the need for exact mathematical formulations. The numerical values obtained by the fuzzy-logic approach are compared with those obtained by the dynamic programming. The results have shown that the proposed fuzzy-based approach provides feasible combinations of the generation units and economical cost of operation of these units and have also shown the superiority of the proposed fuzzy-logic approach over the dynamic programming.

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