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Applying the TAM to understand the factors affecting use Of online banking in the Pescadores

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Author Paul Juinn Bing Tan, Phillip Robert Potamites, Lin Wens- Chi
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1022-1028
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 11
Issue Date January 01, 2013
Publishing Date January 01, 2013
Keywords Online banking, Technology acceptance model (TAM), Theory of planned behavior (TPB), Pescadores


This research was developed based on the technology acceptance model (TAM), and the model empirically examines the factors influencing the online banking adoption behavior of 210 clients in the Pescadores. A total of 210 Penghu (Pescadores) residents were surveyed using a standard questionnaire. We received a total of 150 responses. Since 60 questionnaires were incomplete, the response rate was 71.4%. The questionnaire included three parts. The first part asked our respondents what kinds of online banking services they had used. The second part had questions measuring the constructs in the research model. The third part had demographic questions about the participants. The implications of the findings are discussed and suggestions made for future research. This study can provide basic information for those who are interested in online banking behavior in the Pescadores

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