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Computer Application for Instructors Evaluation by Students in Colleges of Health

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Author Rahimi Seyed Mohsen, Sharif Mohammad Resa, Dorodgar Abbas, Sayyah Mansour
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 763-765
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 01, 2015
Publishing Date January 01, 2015
Keywords Software, Evaluation, Student, SPSS:PC


The quality of education has always been the concern of educational institutions. Different means including computer software have been used to evaluate the quality of education. The purpose of this research was to item analyse the question items used to evaluate the instructors by SPSS software package. This was a cross-sectional descriptive research in which the psychometric properties of questionnaires used to evaluate the instructors by the students of the College of Health of Kashan University of Medical Sciences were assessed. The question items that students answered to evaluate their instructors were item analyzed by SPSS: PC software. The result of indicated that the subscales Cronbach's alpha for the subscales of the questioner ranged between 0.71, 0.72, 0.77, 0.74, 0.42, 0.70, 0.58, 0.69, and 0.68 respectively. The questioner used to evaluate the instructors had good to fair psychometric properties tested by computer SPSS. This type of evaluations is necessary to ensure quality of instructors working in an institution. A re-evaluation of the instrument would be valuable to increase its reliability for the administrators in the college of Health.

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