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Prediction of Potential Wind Erosion of some Fields around Al Obied (North Kordofan State-Sudan)

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Author Abdal Mohsin Rizgalla
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 795-802
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 01, 2015
Publishing Date January 01, 2015
Keywords Prediction, wind, erosion


This experiment was conducted at around (Alobied-Sudan) with the use of Wind Erosion Equation to(1)-To determine the potential wind erosion from field surfaces around Alobied (2)-Determination of fields conditions such as vegetation, field roughness, cloudiness of soil ,roughness, barriers ,etc…are necessary to reduce the potential wind erosion to a tolerable amount. Various field surfaces were selected from each of the three sites named for this study. A bare land, fallow field surfaces were selected in WSARP site. In Damokia site a bare, a fallow and a burned grass surface were selected. Whereas, in Banno site 1-A protected field (enclosure) with a fence from animal grazing 2-An unfenced fallow surface. The potential soil loss expressed in tons per acre per annum was estimated according to Woodruff and Siddways (1965) equation for each field surface after the calculations of the variables with use of charts and tables. Results from the three sites indice that varied among sites and field surfaces and resulted in the consequent variations in potential wind erosion values are soil erodibility(I') , field length(L') and vegetation cover index(V). Results showed that the removal of crop residues from those sandy soils surfaces after harvest expose field surfaces to large losses of surface soils by wind erosion. On those surfaces the potential wind erosion of bare surface is54 times more than that of the fallow surface. We recommend that crop residues should be left on fields after harvest to protect those sandy soils from wind erosion .Shifting cultivation is a good practice for field protection from wind suggestions for future research that would attempt to simplify and demystify the use of design patterns for new comers to this arena.

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