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Modification of Bioscouring Process by Addition of Cellulase Enzyme and Multifunctional Agents with Pectinase

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Author Hannan, M.A., Zahir, L. , Zakaria, Mohammad, Bhuiyan, A.H.
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1132-1139
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 01, 2014
Publishing Date January 01, 2014
Keywords Absorbency, Bioscouring, CMC Value, Cellulase, Enzyme, Pectinase, Shade.


Conventional scouring process confirms better absorbency in common. But the process is harmful for our environment. For this reason, bioscouring (treatment with Pectinase) is introduced which is eco-friendly. But with this process we get average absorbency. It cannot remove all types of natural impurities from cotton. Thus cellulase enzyme was also introduced in attachment of prctinase. The research work concluded that only pectinase enzyme offered less absorbency, where addition of cellulase enzyme affirmed more absorbency. Other parameters like datacolor CMC value, different colour fastness properties were also investigated which inspired a lot in this regard.

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