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Modeling of Iron (Fe) Concentration in Groundwater with Microbiological Quality Indicators of Drinking Water

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Author M. E. Ubiaru, U. Musa, C. L. Eze, S. S. Hati
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 1161-1167
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 01, 2014
Publishing Date January 01, 2014
Keywords Monte Carlo Simulation, Iron, THB, Total Coliform, E. coli


Extensive attention is being drawn to modeling water quality indicators from historical, experimental or stochastic data due to the connection between poor water quality and human health. The present study utilized a Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) equation as a model function for Monte Carlo simulation of Fe concentration in ground water, using field data of microbiological water quality indicators (Total heterotrophic bacteria, Total Coliform Bacteria and Escherichia coli) as predictor parameters. Field data were collected and analyzed using standard methodology. DiscoverSim® version 1.1 simulation and statistical add-in software for Microsoft Excel was used to perform the Monte Carlo simulation. Result of the model supports existing finding that microbial water quality indicators are strongly associated with the presence of Fe in ground water, and indicated that that up to 35% of ground water sourced for drinking water purposes within Lagos environs are expected to contain more than 10mg/l of Fe. This condition is a cause for concern as the microbial quality of such water sources is expected to increase as well. Further studies for model validation are recommended.

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