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Use of Stone Powder with Sand in Concrete and Mortar: A Waste Utilization Approach

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Author Mohaiminul Haque, Sourav Ray, H. M. A. Mahzuz
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 613-618
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 7
Issue Date August 01, 2012
Publishing Date August 01, 2012
Keywords Mortar, concrete, fine aggregate, powder sand, compressive strength.


Disposal of stone dust resulting from crushing activities has been become a crucial issue in Bangladesh. Sand is commonly used as a fine aggregate in Bangladesh. This study concentrates on the determination of the strength of mortar and concrete by using mixture of sand and powder sand in various ratios as fine aggregate so as to find an alternative of sand and to minimize and utilize waste. The objective of the study is to establish that the powder sand can be used as an alternative of sand or mixed with sand in making medium grade concrete and mortar where high strength is no required . The study has been conducted in different proportion of sand and powder sand in different mixing ratio for both mortar and concrete. In this study crushed stones are used to make concrete as coarse aggregate. The laboratory tests are made to find the strength for various ratios and then are compared to each other. The result shows that stone powder shows almost equivalent strength as shown by sand and can easily be used in low strength concrete and mortar works.

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