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Variation of Precipitation in the Mátra-Bükk Region in the Period of 1960-2012

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Author H.C.Mult,Ferenc Kovacs
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 516-525
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 8
Issue Date September 01, 2014
Publishing Date September 01, 2014
Keywords Mátra-Bükk region, precipitation, average, maximum


The paper analyses the precipitation data of the Mátra-Mátraalja and Bükk-Bükkalja regions during the years of 1960-2012 and presents the research results. For the period investigated, the monthly and annual precipitation data of a total of 38 precipitation measurement stations (settlements) have been analyzed. In addition, the statistical properties of the average and maximum values of variation have been separately assessed. The paper presents the number of days of precipitation within a year and the variation in maximum daily values. On the basis of the analysis of the density-distribution functions of the distribution of precipitation values, the paper provides probability/frequency properties. Analyzing the changes over time of annual precipitation and of annual absolute precipitation, the result indicates that in the Mátra-Bükk region, annual average precipitation was constant at 600 mm/year over the half-century period. Absolute maximum annual precipitation, however, forming a constant value over the 50 years, indicates a falling rate, showing a tendency of reduction from 800 mm/year to 700 mm/year. If you study the variation over time of precipitation values in relation to carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, in line with the relevant literature, similarly to the time-relation/lack of relation, the results indicate that alongside the increase of atmospheric CO2 concentration from 310 ppm to 390 ppm, annual precipitation remained constant (600 mm/year) and the absolute minimum annual values show a tendency of reduction.

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