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Diagnosing Error Pattern of Physics Students in Solving Problems Using Progressive Wave Equation (PWE) In Senior Secondary Schools in Rivers State, Nigeria

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Author Seyed Mehdi Motvaliyan, Sadigheh Moradi, Masoud SaIehi ShabIiz, Mohammad Reza Hekmat
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 277-281
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 4
Issue Date May 01, 2014
Publishing Date May 01, 2014
Keywords Error pattern, Progressive Wave Equation, Conceptual Error (CNE), Translational Error (TNE), Computational Error (CME)


This study attempts to diagnose error pattern of physics students in solving problems using progressive wave equation. A simple random sampling was used to select 96 senior secondary two (SS2) physics students for the study. The instrument used for the study was “Diagnostic Test of Error Pattern Using Progressive Wave Equation (DTEPUPWE) with reliability of 0.82. The data obtained were analyzed using the frequency count, ANOVA and Scheffe’ test. The findings revealed that among the three identified errors committed by physics students, Computational Error (CME) was the highest followed by Translational Error (TNE) and then Conceptual Error (CNE). The study also revealed that there is significant difference between the types of error mostly committed by physics students when solving problems using Progressive wave equation. The study therefore recommends that physics teachers should guide the students using systematic procedure so that the students can acquire the relevant computational skills needed in problem solving and appropriate explanation of all physics parameters during content delivery which is paramount for effective learning of physics.

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