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Sustainable Valorization of Municipal Wastes Plastics for Fuel with Environmental Safety via Medium Temperature Thermolysis Process

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Author Moinuddin Sarker, Mohammad Mamunor Rashid
ISSN 2225-7217
On Pages 449-457
Volume No. 3
Issue No. 4
Issue Date May 01, 2013
Publishing Date May 01, 2013
Keywords Waste plastic, valuable energy, thermal, degradation, fuel, environmental, sustainable


Waste plastics are increasing day by day all over the world. USA households alone generate 48 million ton of waste plastic and rest of the world is generating 230 million ton of waste plastic. Waste plastic are creating environmental problems as they are not bio degradable. The waste plastic dumped into landfill does not decay for a long period of time. From the total waste plastic only 6-10 % is recyclable, 25 % is incinerated and the remaining 65% waste plastic is dumped into landfills. Waste plastic dumping has a financial impact also. One ton waste plastic dumping costs almost 2800 US Dollars. More than 100 million ton of waste plastic is dumped into sea. This huge amount of waste plastic is affecting ocean current and creating ecological problems. Sunlight and ocean waves break it down into small pieces which severely affect the marine life causing death to many oceanic animals. Plastic is made from crude oil and waste plastic can be turned into petroleum again. Established technology can convert all of waste plastic into valuable energy or hydrocarbon liquid fuel. This fuel can be used in all kind of combustion engines.

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