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ARPN Journal of Science and Technology >> Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2017

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Vol. 2, No. 10 November 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Spiritual Asia: An Anthropological Review Abstract PDF
Youssef Bassil 886-891
A Comparative Study of Approaches Available to Support the Impact Study of Satellite Supported One Way Educational System Abstract PDF
Ajay Kumar Gupta 892-896
Centralized or Decentralized – Best Project Option (BPO) for Melana River Basin, Malaysia Abstract PDF
Md. Din M.F, Mohanadoss P, Sairan F.M, Shukor S. N, Ujang Z, Yusop Z, Anuar A.N, Starki M, Chelliapan S. 897-903
Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Incinerated Medical Waste Abstract PDF
M. T. Shams, Sourav Ray, M.I. Kabir, T. Purkayastha 904-911
The Mysterious Higgs Boson Abstract PDF
S. Sahoo, B. K. Sahoo 912-918
Massification of Training: A Significant Enabler in Reaching Public Services to the Poor Abstract PDF
Mohammad Aslam, Sudipto Sengupta 919-926
Evaluation of the Effect of Waste Polystyrene on Performance of Asphalt Binder Abstract PDF
I. M. Nassar, K. I. Kabel, I. M. Ibrahim 927-935
From centralized to decentralized approach for optimal Controller of Discrete Manufacturing Systems Abstract PDF
A. Philippot, A. Tajer, V. Carré-Ménétrier 936-949
Preferred plant species by goats in semi - arid zone at Umkaddada locality,North Darfur State, Sudan Abstract PDF
Abdelrhman Ismail Adam, B. Fadlalla, Ismail M. Fangama 950-956
The New Global Information Network Free From The Drawbacks of the Internet Abstract PDF
Alexander A. Antonov 957-962
A Fixed Point Theorem for Surfaces Abstract PDF
Süheyla Elmas, Seyfullah Hizarci, Abdullah Kaplan 963-967
A Fuzzy Residual Network Approach to Minimum Cost Flow Problem with Fuzzy Parameters Abstract PDF
M. Bagherian 968-975
Coal Rates in Electricity Production: The Reality of Climate Causes Abstract PDF
Em. H. C. Mult, Ing. Ferenc Kovacs 976-981
Vulnerability of HL-60 Cells towards TGHQ-Mediated Apoptosis during the Cell Cycle Abstract PDF
Hashimul Ehsan 982-990
Statistically Convergent Double Sequence Spaces in n-NORMED Spaces Abstract PDF
Vakeel A. Khan, Sabiha Tabassum and Ayhan Esi 991-995
Effect of Viscosity, Method of Preparation and Homogenization Speed on Physical Characteristics of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Abstract PDF
Ahmed R. Gardouh, Mamdouh M. Ghorab, Shaded G. S. Abdel-Rahman 996-1006
Hypolipidemic Effects of Cake from Butyrylated Arrowroot Starch Abstract PDF
Damat 1007-1012
Applying Computer-based Technology to Instruction For the Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Abstract PDF
Cheng-Hsiung Lu, Shu-Fen Cheng 1013-1017
Geochemistry and Appraisal of the Economic Potential of Calc – Gneiss and Marble from Igarra, Edo State, Southwest, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Obasi R.A 1018-1021
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