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Vol. 5, No. 5 May 2015

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Characteristic Evaluation of Some Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba [L] Taub) Genotypes Grown under Rain-fed Conditions at Zalingei Area Abstract PDF
Ali H.Bahar, Musa A.Ismail, Abdelshakoor H.Sulaiman, Siddig, A.M.Ali 215-218
Impact of Heat Transfer on MHD Boundary Layer of Copper Nanofluid at a Stagnation Point Flow Past a Porous Stretching and Shrinking Surface with Variable Stream Conditions Abstract PDF
E N. Ashwin Kumar, Norasikin Binti Mat Isa, R. Kandasamy 219-231
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Soundproof Panel for the Effective Reduction of Road Noise Abstract PDF
You-Jin Lim, Hak-Ryong Moon 232-237
Higgs Boson and Ζ' Boson Abstract PDF
S. Sahoo, P. Maji 238-241
Economic Analysis of Factors Affecting Crop Production in South Darfur State - Sudan Abstract PDF
Thabit A. Hassan, Suliman Elmahil Suliman 242-245
Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Chinese Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis L) Abstract PDF
Haramain S E, Almagboul A Z, Ahmed AO 246-252
Humoral and Cytokines Response in Chronic Urinary Schistosomiasis Patients in White Nile State - Sudan Abstract PDF
Osman M.A, Alfadil A.G, Adris M.A, Musa H.A, Hammed. A. 253-256
Growth, Nutrient Digestibility of Broilers fed Aflatoxin Contaminated Diets with Aflatoxin Binders Abstract PDF
A.D. Ologhobo, E. O. Ewuola, U. U. Jerome, U. O. Franca, O. Ifarajimi 257-261
Classification of Walking Capability of the Elderly and Analysis of Characteristics for Each Class Abstract PDF
Chang-Gyun Roh, Bumjin Park, Byungsup Moon, Jisoo Kim 262-267
Effects of Aluminum Sulphate Treated in Deionizable and Tap Water on Lipid Profile of Wister Rats Abstract PDF
Salah E I, Sabahelkhier M.K, Shama I. Y. Adam 268-270
Climate Change in Tafilalet Region (South-East of Morocco, West Mediterranean Part): Trend Analysis Abstract PDF
Khalid El Khoudri, Brahim Damnati 271-278
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