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Vol. 2, No.2 March 2012

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

A New Termination Detection Protocol for Use in Diffusing Computation in Mobile ad Hoc Networks Abstract PDF
Subrata Kumar Das, Paresh Chandra Barman, Md. Asif Nashiry, Bikash Chandra Singh 21-25
3d Arbitrary Sized Bin Packing Optimization Using 2pdc Heuristic: A Adaptive Genetic Approach Abstract PDF
S.K. Rajesh Kanna, M. Saravana manikandan 26-31
Amino Acid Composition of Human and Animalís Milk (Camel, Cow, Sheep and Goat) Abstract PDF
Sabahelkheir MK, Fat en MM., Hassan AA 32-34
An Explanation for Creation, Future and Destruction of the Universe Abstract PDF
M. Kumar , S. Sahoo 35-38
Weights of Road Accident Causes using Analytic Hierarchy Process Abstract PDF
Liana Najib, Lazim Abdullah, Ilyani Abdullah, Zabidin Salleh 39-44
The People and Their Representatives in Democracy: Who Went Wrong? Abstract PDF
Edwin Michael , Rachel Yeoh Shu Wei 45-49
Study of Vertical Migration of Heavy Metals in Dumpsites Soil Abstract PDF
Lawan I. Bukar, Stephen S. Hati, Goni A. Dimari, Muhammad Tijjani 50-55
Quantative Analysis and Regeneration Status of Anogeissus Latifolius Forest of Garhwal Himalaya Abstract PDF
Prerna Pokhriyal, G. K. Dhingra, Ramdas Arya, N. P. Todaria, Mukesh Kumar 56-61
Proposal of Development of Welding Health-Hazard Index (WHI) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Abstract PDF
Azian H., M.Z.M. Yusof , A. M. Leman 62-67
Physiological and Cytogenetical Variations in Colchiploid Plants of Zanthoxylum Armatum Roxb (Rutaceae) Abstract PDF
Ramdas G. K. Dhingra , Prerna Pokhriyal 68-78
Pesticide Residues in Bean Samples from Northeastern Nigeria Abstract PDF
Obida M. Gwary, Stephen S. Hati, Goni A. Dimari, Victor O. Ogugbuaja 79-84
Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Abstract PDF
Javad Eslami , Davood Gharakhani 85-91
Modeling of Short Duration Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency (SDRIDF) Equation for Sylhet City in Bangladesh Abstract PDF
M. M. Rashid, S. B. Faruque , J. B. Alam 92-95
Impact of tsunami on Tamil Nadu Monsoon Rainfall Abstract PDF
G. Helen Ruth Joice , K. Thamilharazan 96-97
ICT Literacy among University Academicians: A Case of Nigerian Public University Abstract PDF
Oye, N. D., A.Iahad, N. , Ab. Rahim, N. 98-110
Binary Precession Solutions Based on Synchronized Field Couplings Abstract PDF
Jamahl Peavey 111-116
Construction of Mixed Sampling Plans Indexed Through Six Sigma Quality Levels with TNT - (n; c1, c2) Plan as Attribute Plan Abstract PDF
R. Radhakrishnan , J. Glorypersial 117-121
A Problem Solving Model as a Strategy for Improving Secondary School Studentsí Achievement and Retention in Further Mathematics Abstract PDF
Adebola S. IFAMUYIWA, MStan, Sakiru I. AJILOGBA 122-130
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