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Vol. 2, No. 5 June 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Therapeutic Aphaeresis, Technical Overview Abstract PDF
Rolf Bambauer, Ralf Schiel, Boris Lehmann, Carolin Bambauer 399-421
Influence of Additive On bitumen Viscosity Properties at High and Mid-Range Temperatures Abstract PDF
Suleiman Arafat, Yeroand Mohd. Rosli Hainin 422-426
Design and Performance Analysis of 10 GHz Horn Antenna Abstract PDF
Mousumi Aktar, Mahzuba Islam, Mohammed Shafiqul Islam 427-431
Hydrothermal Growth Route of ZnO Nanorods for Use in Thin Film Solar Cell Devices Abstract PDF
W. A. Dhafina, E. A. Ghapur, S. Hasiah 432-436
ICTs And Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis With Panal Data Abstract PDF
KAHOULI Zohra 437-443
Improving Scientific Literacy among Secondary School Students through Integration of Information and Communication Technology Abstract PDF
The Properties of Bitumen Modified With Wax Abstract PDF
Arafat Suleiman Yero , Mohd. Rosli Hainin 449-453
Mobile Money in an Emerging Small Island Economy Abstract PDF
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Compatible Maps Satisfying Property (E.A.) in Fuzzy Metric Spaces using Strict Contractive Condition Abstract PDF
Saurabh Manro 459-462
Theoretical Design Consideration of Artificial Lift and Tubing String for Solution Gas Drive Abstract PDF
B. O. Bimpong, E. Broni-Bediako 463-473
Viscous Flow through Porous Media between Two Moving Parallel Disks: Exact Solutions and Stability Analysis Abstract PDF
P. M. Balagondar, M. Kempegowda 474-478
Height–Diameter Equations for Eight Midwestern Rainforest Species in Nigeria, Using Monserud’s Model Abstract PDF
Oyebade,B.A , Popo-ola, F.S. and Alex, A 479-486
Distance Training On Livestock Farming – Barriers and Strategies Abstract PDF
T Senthilkumar, N K Sudeepkumar, M Thirunavukkarasu 487-491
Bulk Arrival Single Server, Bernoulli Feedback Queue with Fuzzy Vacations and Fuzzy Parameters Abstract PDF
M.Jeeva, E.Rathnakumari 492-499
Viscosity Characteristics of Modified Bitumen Abstract PDF
Suleiman Arafat Yero, and Mohd. Rosli Hainin 500-503
Information and Communication Technology Issues: A Case of Malaysian Primary School Abstract PDF
Maslin Masrom, Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood, Othman Zainon, Hooi Lai Wan, Nadia Jamal 504-511
Mass Stabilization Technique for Peat Soil – A Review Abstract PDF
Mahdieh Sha'abani, Behzad Kalantari 512-516
Comparison of information content value creation measures (EVA, REVA, MVA, SVA, CSV and CVA) and accounting measures (ROA, ROE, EPS, CFO) in predicting the Shareholder Return (SR) Evidence from Iran Stock Exchange Abstract PDF
Moreteza hajiabbasi, Meysam Kaviani, Navid Samadi Largani, Mahmoud Samadi Largani, Hamzeh montazeri 517-521
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