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Vol. 2, No.1 January 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Mobile Application for News and Interactive Services Abstract PDF
L. Ashwin Kumar 1-6
Comparative Study between Experimental and Simulated Breakthrough Curve for the Removal of Methylene Blue from Wastewater Abstract PDF
Ahmad Hasan Nury , Md.Jahir Bin Alam, Md. Imran Kabir 7-11
Novel Mobile Detector Sensing Alarming and Reporting System Abstract PDF
K.Mohan Dece 12-14
Seed Germination and Survival Percentage of Control & Colchicine Induced Plants of Zanthoxylum Armatum Roxb. (Rutaceae) Abstract PDF
Ramdas, G. K. Dhingra, Priyanka Pokhriyal, M. A. Rather 15-20

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