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Vol. 3, No. 1 January 2013

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Predicting the Strength Properties of High Performance Concrete using Mineral and Chemical Admixtures Abstract PDF
M. Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, I.V. Ramana Reddy, N.Krishna Murthy 1-5
Evaluation of Sun Flowers (Helianthus ANNUUS L) Hybrid Grown Under Rainfed Area (East of Haroun Blue Nile State) Sudan Abstract PDF
M.E. Khalid, A. H. Abdalla, M.K. Sabahelkhier 6-11
Persistent organochlorine contaminants(PCDD, PCDF, and PCB) in fishsamples: Sepetibabay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Abstract PDF
Aldo Pacheco Ferreira 12-20
Major Challenges in Ghana’s Oil and Gas Discovery: Is Ghana Ready? Abstract PDF
R. Amorin, E. Broni-Bediako 21-25
Planck Scale Particles in the Universe Abstract PDF
M. Kumar, S. Sahoo 26-27
Exploiting Agent Technology Problem Solving Method to Model the Relationship between Legislative Drafting and Law-making Actors Abstract PDF
Jennifer Somali Angeyo, Peter Jehopio 28-37
In Vitro Plant Regeneration from Shoot Tip Explants Of Jatropha Curcas L: A Biodiesel Plant Abstract PDF
Kamrun Nahar, Rita Sarah Borna 38-42
Rule Induction Based On Boundary Region Partition Reduction with Standards Comparisons Abstract PDF
Du Weifeng, Min Xiao 43-52
Towards a Psychology of Science, Scientific Knowledge, and Scientific Change, Mark I Abstract PDF
James Carifio, Rocco Perla 53-60
A Study of the Concept of Soft Set Theory and Survey of its Literature Abstract PDF
Onyeozili, I.A. (corresponding author), D. Singh 61-68
Effects of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor (l) Moench) and Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea l) Intercropping on Some Soil Chemical Properties and Crop Yield Under Rain-Fed Conditions Abstract PDF
Siddig A. Mohamed Ali, Adam A. Mohamed, Ali H. Bahar, Abdulmohsin R. Khairelseed 69-74
Assessing The Effects Of Downy Mildew Disease On Plant Height And Tillering Of Twelve Pearl Millet Genotypes In Yola, Adamawa State Abstract PDF
Nahunnaro, H., Haruna A, Bayaso, I. 75-79
Contribution of Weed Control and Tillage Systems on Soil Moisture Content, Growth and Forage Quality of (Clitoria & Siratro) Mixture under- Rainfed Conditions at Zalingei - Western Darfur State - Sudan Abstract PDF
Suliman Adam Ahmed Mohammed 80-92
The Anthropology of Techniques Approach For Information and Communication Objects Abstract PDF
S. Agostinelli, M, Ouvrard 93-97
The Occurrence of Tar Sands at Ijebu-Itele, Eastern Dahomey Basin, SW, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Adewale. A Akinmosin, Kamal’deen,O Omosanya, Tolulope Ige 98-105
Magnetization and Magnetic Behavior of Ni1-xCdxFe2O4 Ferrites Abstract PDF
Sumon Kumar Nath, M. Mahbubur Rahman, S.S. Sikder, M.A. Hakim, S. Manjura Hoque 106-111
An Experimental Investigation to Study the Effects of Various Nano Particles with Diesel on Di Diesel Engine Abstract PDF
A.Selvaganapthy, A.Sundar, B.Kumaragurubaran, P.Gopal 112-115
Modeling Parameters of Oxygen Demand in the Aquatic Environment of Lake Chad for Depletion Estimation Abstract PDF
Peter A. Gwaski, Stephen S. Hati, Naomi P. Ndahi, Victor O. Ogugbuaja 116-123
Effect of Feeding Yellow Maize, White Sorghum and Pearl Millet as Energy Sources on Mineral Intake, Retention and Utilisation by Guinea Fowl Under Intensive Management System Abstract PDF
S C Chiripasi, J C Moreki, S J Nsoso and M Letso 124-139
Generation of Bulk Viscous Fluid Massive String Cosmological Models with Electromagnetic Field in Bianchi Type VI 0 Space-Time Abstract PDF
Anirudh Pradhan, Ajay Singh, R. C. Upadhyay 140-145
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