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Vol. 3, No. 12 December 2013

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Automatic Road Lighting System (ARLS) Based on Images from Digital Camera Abstract PDF
Suprijadi, Thomas Muliawan, Sparisoma Viridi 1105-1109
Measuring the Star Formation Rate of Nearby Galaxy M83 Abstract PDF
Eya Innocent Okwudili, Kimani Naftali Kagiri, Ashebir Simachew Endale, Cherkos Alemayehu Mengesha 1110-1112
Modeling of Iron (Fe) Concentration in Groundwater with Microbiological Quality Indicators of Drinking Water Abstract PDF
M. E. Ubiaru, U. Musa, 3C. L. Eze, S. S. Hati 1113-1119
Comments on the Papers by Selleri and by Klauber Published in Foundations of Physics Abstract PDF
A Sfarti 1120-1124
Integrating Technology in Higher Education Abstract PDF
Patrick Mutanga, Constantine Munhande 1125-1131
Modification of Bioscouring Process by Addition of Cellulase Enzyme and Multifunctional Agents with Pectinase Abstract PDF
Hannan, M.A., Zahir, L. , Zakaria, Mohammad, Bhuiyan, A.H. 1132-1139
Roughness Based on the Closed Sub Hyper Group in a Join Space Abstract PDF
S.B. Hosseini, N. Jahanshahi 1140-1144
Quantities of Particles and Masses of Nuclei as Outcome from a Geometric Theory of Fields Abstract PDF
Ulrich E. Bruchholz 1145-1149
Magnetized Inhomogeneous Universe with Variable Magnetic Permeability and Cosmological Term Λ Abstract PDF
Padminin Yadav, S. A. Faruqi,Pratima Singh,Anirudh Pradhan 1150-1157
In Silico Screening of Chemical Compounds from Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) as Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Used PyRx Program Abstract PDF
Dewi Yuliana, Fachrul Islami Bahtiar , Ahmad Najib 1158-1160
Modeling of Iron (Fe) Concentration in Groundwater with Microbiological Quality Indicators of Drinking Water Abstract PDF
M. E. Ubiaru, U. Musa, C. L. Eze, S. S. Hati 1161-1167
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies against Climate Change by Women Cooperatives in Umuahia North Local Government Area, of Abia State Abstract PDF
Leo. O. Obinna 1168-1173
Frequency Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Rafsanjan Pregnant Women in 2012 Abstract PDF
Asadpoor M, Reza Bidaki, Mahmoodi H , Salehishahrbabaki MH , Manshoori A , Rajabi Z , Arab BaniAsad F 1174-1181
An Exploration of the Ethno-Medicinal Practices among Traditional Healers in Southwest Cebu, Philippines Abstract PDF
Ramon S. Del Fierro, Fiscalina A. Nolasco 1182-1188
Vocational Aspirations of High School Students Abstract PDF
Shoaib Kiani, Sumara Masood-ul Hassan, Sidra Irfan 1189-1193
Analysis of Movie Lens Data Set using Hive Abstract PDF
Deeksha Lakshmi, Iksuk Kim, Jongwook Woo 1194-1198
On an Optimal Control Problem For a Class of Distributed Parameter Systems Abstract PDF
M. H. Farag, A. B. Shamardan, H. H. Saleh 1199-1202
Effect of Different Dilutions of Sea Water on Germination and Seedling Performance of Some Acacia Tree Species Abstract PDF
Nasreldin Adam Ali ,Salaheldin Goda Hussein 1203-1207
Determination of Some Inorganic Constituents of Drinking Water in Zalingei Town Central Darfur State, Sudan Abstract PDF
Jamal Abdalla Issa, Mohammed Osman Babiker, Mustafi Ohaj, Mohmmed Elmubark Osman, Malik Abdall Abdelrahman, Abdelhameied Mohamed Abaker 1208-1214
Impacts of Waste Dumping on Pomona Medium Sand Clay Loam Soils and Surface Water Quality in Harare, Zimbabwe Abstract PDF
Mpofu. K, Nyamugafata. P, Maposa.I, Nyoni. K 1215-1221
Effect of Guar Gum (Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus) Powdered as Natural Coagulant Aid with Alum on Drinking Water Treatment Abstract PDF
Omer R.M., El Hassan B.M., Hassan E.A., Sabahelkhier M.K. 1222-1228
The Nutritive Value of Boscia Senegalensis as Famine Food in Semi Arid Zone Case study Umkaddada Locality, North Darfur State, Sudan Abstract PDF
Abdelrhman Ismail Adam, Ismail M. Fangama 1229-1232
Effect of Density on Height and Dry Weight of Acacia Senegal and Acacia Mellifera Abstract PDF
Ismail Mohamed Fangsama, Abdel rahman Ismail Adam 1233-1241
Drinking Water Suitability from the Karaga Dam in the Northern Region, Ghana Abstract PDF
T. A, Amantoge, S. Aikins 1242-1246
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