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Vol. 4, No. 8 August 2014

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Isolation and Partial Purification of Cellulase from Rhizopus Stolonifer Abstract PDF
M.A. Milala, A. Shugaba, H. Zanna, B. Appollos 433-438
Double Potentiostatic Deposition and Characterization of Cdin2se4 Semiconductor Abstract PDF
Y. Balladores, J. Márquez, Y. Martínez, O. P. Márquez, L. Manfredy, S. A. López-Rivera 439-446
Behavioural Models for Analog to Digital Conversion Multi-steps Architectures Abstract PDF
A. El-Rachini, H. Chible, G.Nicola, M. Barbaro, L. Raffo 447-454
Electrosynthesis and Characterization of a Culns2 Good Absorber Semiconductor for Thin Film Solar Cells Abstract PDF
L. Manfredy, O. P. Márquez, J. Márquez, S. A. López-Rivera, Y. Martínez, Y. Balladores 455-463
Group Dynamics and Innovation Dissemination among Female Cassava Farmers in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Obinna, Leo. O, Agu - Aguiyi, F. N. 464-470
Effect of Salinity on Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L) Abstract PDF
Siddig A. Mohamed Ali, Abdellatif Y. Idris, Hnan A. Mohamed 471-475
Awareness of Pre-Natal Ultrasound Scan Among Antenatal Patients in A Northern Nigerian Population Abstract PDF
Sobechukwu W. I. Onwuzu, Flavious B.Nkubli, Thomas Adejoh, Ummukulthum B. Katagum, Joseph Dlama 476-479
Radio Light Curves of Supernova SN 2008iz in M82 Galaxy Abstract PDF
N. Kimani, A. Brunthaler ,K. M. Menten ,I. Martí-vidal , K. Sendlinger 480-482
Civil strife and Darfurian IDPs Women "Abushouk IDPs Camp Case" Abstract PDF
Somia Ibrahim Abdallah 483-488
Livelihood Assessment in Darfur IDP Camps: A Case Study Abushouk IDPs Women, North Darfur, Western Sudan Abstract PDF
Somia Ibrahim Abdallah 489-497
Humoral and Cytokines Response in Acute Urinary Schistosomiasis Patients in White Nile State (Sudan) Abstract PDF
Alfadil A.G, Osman M.A, Musa H.A, Adris M.A, Hammed. A. 498-502
Information Accessibility among Fish Farmers in Girei, Yola North and Yola South Local Government Areas, Adamawa State, Nigeria Abstract PDF
Barguma K, A.A Ndaghu 503-507
Physiochemical Characteristics of the From Albiziz Amara Gum Abstract PDF
Jamal. A. Issa, Malik. A. Abdullah, Mohammed. E. Osman 508-511
Three Parameter Log normal Multidimensional Diffusion Process With Exogenous Factors Abstract PDF
Manal Bouskraoui, Aziz Arbai 512-515
Variation of Precipitation in the Mátra-Bükk Region in the Period of 1960-2012 Abstract PDF
H.C.Mult, Ferenc Kovacs 516-525
Cyclic Variation in the Precipitation Conditions of the Mátra-Bükkalja Region and the Development of a Prognosis Method Abstract PDF
H.C.Mult, Ferenc Kovacs, Endre Turai 526-540
The Growth Response in Fingerlings of Oreochromis Niloticus in Chronic Toxicity Test to Galex (METHOXYCHLOR) Abstract PDF
Babatunde, M.M 541-544
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