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Vol. 2, No.3 April 2012

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Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Management of Customers’ Dissatisfactions: Principles and Practices Abstract PDF
Austin O. Oparanma 131-134
A Comparative Study of Some Physical Properties of Large and Medium Size Cocoa Beans from Ghana Abstract PDF
Bart-Plange A., Dzisi A. K., Addo, A., Teye, E. , Kumi, F 135-141
Spectrophotometric Analysis of Cobalt (II), Nickel (II), Copper (II) and Zinc (II) Complexes with Methylenedisalicylic Acid Abstract PDF
H. N. Aliyu , N. A. M Toudou 142-146
Spectral and Potentiometric Studies On Manganese (II) and Cobalt (II) Complexes with Schiff Base Derived From 2-Thiophenecarboxylaldehyde and 2-Aminobenzoic Acid Abstract PDF
H. N. Aliyu , A. Danlami 147-154
Adapting Negative Requirement Model for Security Testing in Cloud Computing Environment Abstract PDF
G.Jagadeesh, Sakineti Chaitanya Varma, Anirban Basu 155-157
Development of Microcontroller Base Automatic Level of Discomfort Index Measurement using Thom Model Abstract PDF
Ewetumo, Theophilus 158-165
Corticosterone as Inhibitor of Bufo Melanostictus Tadpole Growth Abstract PDF
Ruqaiya Hasan , Mahmood Ahmad 166-169
Effect of Nano-Silica on Alkali Activated Water-Cooled Slag Geopolymer Abstract PDF
H.M.Khater, B.A.El-Sabbagh, M.Fanny, M.Ezzat, M.Lottfy 170-176
Composition and Quality of Six Refined Edible Oils in Khartoum State, Sudan Abstract PDF
Murwan K. Sabah EL-Kheir , AbdelSalam A. Alamin , H. N. Sulafa , A. K. Sabir Ali 177-181
Creation and Annihilation of Ordinary Particles and Tachyon Particles from Black Hole Abstract PDF
S. Sahoo, M. Kumar 182-185
Fuzzy Based Flood Control System with Prediction using ANN for a Physical Hydraulic Model Abstract PDF
Yogesh Shirke, Prof.Dr.Rameshwar Kawitkar, Selva Balan 186-190
Studies on the Pathology of Sunflower Cake and Karanj Seed Cake in Comparison to Groundnut Cake in Lambs Abstract PDF
D.Nagalakshmi, D. Himabindu, A. Anand Kumar 191-194
Location and Performance of Microfinance Institutions Abstract PDF
Louise TCHAMANBE DJINE 195-204
SWOT Analysis of the Rajiv Gandhi Project for EduSat Supported Elementary Education (RGPEEE) and the Good Practices Adopted Abstract PDF
Manoj Roy V, Sampat Ray Agrawal, Ajay Kumar Gupta, Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh 205-213
Ergonomic Investigation of Occupational Drivers and Seat Design of Taxicabs in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Onawumi, A. Samuel. and Lucas, E. Babajide. 214-220
Management and Improvement of Meetings’ Quality in Business Organizations Abstract PDF
Davood Gharakhani, Javad Eslami 221-227
Multirate Filtering For Digital Signal Processing and its Applications Abstract PDF
Suverna Sengar , Partha Pratim Bhattacharya 228-237
Strategizing to Strengthen the Economy: The Strategic planning for UBE as Bases for Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Tiamiyu Rashidat and Babalola Y. A. 238-247
Design and Evaluation of Classic PID, Gain and Phase Margin Based Controller and Intelligent Controller Design for a Ceramic Infrared Heater Abstract PDF
Vineet Shekher, Dr. Pankaj Rai, Dr. Om Prakash 248-256
Lateral Losses of 15N-Fertilizer on a Sandy Soil and Its Impact on Plant N-Recovery in Irrigated Sudangrass Abstract PDF
Mohamed Naceur, Khelil, Jean Pierre Destain, Saloua Rejeb , Belgacem Henchi 257-264
Understanding Color Models: A Review Abstract PDF
Noor A. Ibraheem, Mokhtar M. Hasan, Rafiqul Z. Khan, Pramod K. Mishra 265-275
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